As an experienced service provider we are looking for an individual solution. No challenge is too big for us to not think about a solution. Modification of machines, production of special brackets, we face every situation.


Reinforcement detection

As a special service we offer the detection and analyses of reinforcement in concrete.
Using Hilti Ferroscan PS 200 it is possible find out the concrete covering depth on a length of 30 m and a depth of 10 cm.

We have a certificate that allows us to bring in reinforcement connections, using Hilti HIT HY-200 and RE-500 under consideration of the general construction laws and policies.

The image scan allows over a surface of 60 x 60 cm, the block scan up to a surface of 180 x 180 cm the position and the diameter of the reinforcement, as well as the depth of the concrete coverage.

Application examples are change of use of buildings, positioning of connecting reinforcement, quality control, building sign-offs, etc. It can be used on walls, ceilings, bridge building, tunnelling, industrial floors, etc.

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Custom tools and adaptations

Adaptation of a wire saw, so that we can use it under a minimum of space.

Developing and adapting a fixing device so that holes can be drilled in special kind of ceilings with less than 40 cm space.

Adapting a wall saw and floor saw to provide special floor cuts at an special angle at Main-Donau-Channel.

Floor planning

A special application is the planning of concrete floor. After having received an inquiry from the Deutsche Bahn, we have developped a special kind of grinding tool. This tool enables us to grind the concrete surface into the tolernace level of the Deutsche Bahn.

Videos floor planing:

The used grinding tools, in different sizes, are special made constructions.

Valuation of concrete

While doing a reinforcement detection analysis, we are able to valuate the pressure restistance of concrete in buildings and building structures. For this we use a rebound hammer according to DIN EN 13791.

Physical water treatment - environmental protection

Since May 2011 we are able to recycle the muddy water from the drilling and sawing operations at the building site. The physically treated water is absolutely clean and can be lead off into any drain.

The principle: The muddy water is pressed through a number of special filtering chambers. At the end of the operation are mud-briquettes, which can be recycled as building site rubble and clean water.

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