As a contractor for the construction industry we offer core drilling as a low vibration and low noise service. This technique is going to be used when builders and architects are valuing an economic, clean and precise way to do wall breakthroughs. We are able to do this precise to the centimeter. 


  • Core-drilling non-percussive in a diameter range from 10 mm to 2000 mm in brickwork, concrete and rock
  • Deep-drillings from 30 mm to 220 mm with rock-core-technology
  • Aim drilling up to several meters
  • Core-drillings for test cores
  • We carry out holes for extractor hoods, tumble-drier and build in the ventilation
  • lattice made from plastic or stainless steel
  • Drillings for reinforcement
  • Temporarily fire protection
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Nordklinikum Nürnberg Eine Aufzugsunterfahrt musste geschaffen werden.Hier wurde der Fundamentblock Loch an Loch herausgebohrt.
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